Kiwicon is run entirely by volunteers, and we need plenty of help both before and on the day.

If you'd like to help us out, that'd be great! Please note that volunteering doesn't get you in for free, you still need a ticket!  But it does get you props, kudos, and a warm fuzzy feeling (such as beer or pyro).

The form below has a number of areas you can volunteer to help with. If you select one of the General Duties options, you'll rostered yourself on for part of the time (it won't be the whole afternoon or morning or whatever, unless that's what you want). There's an "early pack-in" option, which'd require you to show up at the venue the day before to help us set things up. There's a "pack-out" option as well, which'd require you to stay after and help us pack up and clear out of the venue after the con, many hands make light work, and fear not, the after-party won't have finished before we get there! If you have specific skills that you think we might be able to put to good use, tell us so in the Talent box.

Ad is Volunteer herder, and will get back to you to arrange specifics.

There will be volunteer briefing sessions for the uninitiated; one before early registration on Thursday, and again before the con starts on Friday and on Saturday.

If you're volunteering, please make it to one of those (especially if you've not volunteered before). If you can't, please let us know.

We usually get many more volunteers than we need (having more than the optimal amount can make things harder to organise) so please don't be offended if we decline your generous offer.