Kiwicon 7

久闻大名的草泥马们, or more colloquially, s’up?

Organised by and for the NZ hacker community, Kiwicon brings together hackers, their whitehat chums, and curious bystanders who are interested in the very very thin veneer of robustness spackled over our technological world.

Key Dates

  • 03 Sep: CFP Opens
  • 16 Sep: Ticket Sales Open
  • 30 Sep: 1st cut talks announced
  • 14 Oct: CFP Closes
  • 25 Oct: Merchandise orders end
  • 07 Nov: Day -1 - Training
  • 08 Nov: Day 0 - Friday Early Pickup
  • 09 Nov: Day 1 - Kiwicon 7
  • 10 Nov: Day 2 - Kiwicon 7
  • 11 Nov: Hangover
Things you might like to do while you're here:
  • Check out the schedule, presentations, speakers and events
  • Reconnoiter the venue ... the majestic Wellington Opera House.
  • The CFP is open! You should submit to us your presentation, yes sir. If you're not presenting, then consider volunteering to help out.
  • Tickets are on sale from 16 Sep, until they sell out! Merchandise orders are being taken until the 25th Oct.
  • Confused? Got a Question? What's a Hacker anyway? Ask the FAQ
  • Looking for one of the previous Kiwicons?
  • Need something else? Contact us

Latest News

It Is Time

Posted Nov. 9, 2013 6:52 a.m.

Imagine you gotta hill-start an Opera House in heavy traffic. Thats what we're doign right now. See you at Kiwicon oh so very soon, hacker chums!



The Kiwicon Crue

Merch is Bagged, Tickets are Tagged

Posted Nov. 7, 2013 10:02 p.m.

All is on track; your sweet Kiwicon merch is bagged,  your tickets are tagged, and we're glueing the final inch of solid glitter onto the High Roller finery. 

Turn off your wifi, your bluetooth, and your mobile data (prolly also best to watch for GSM downgrades, and uh, those binary SMS messages that the baseband processes that it never tells you about. Dunno how you're gonna watch for those. Heh. Just turn it off, yo). Unmount your crypto disks, power off your laptop, and remember to put the little bit of hair over the hinge so you can tell when it got sneaked'n'peeked in your hotel room while you're out. Don't leave your thunderbolt ethernet adapter near snare. Look both ways before you cross the road (the busses outside the venue are merciless). Pack your real Kiwicon accessories; pen and paper. And come on down...

...cause oooh yeah, it that time: Kiwicon 7. 

If you're in town on Friday, come past the Early Pickup (2-6pm at Meow) to get your tickets, merch and coffee, beer or snacks. Avoid the queue on Saturday morning, and meet your haxor chums!

Con Week; Guidance is Internal

Posted Nov. 3, 2013 10:45 p.m.

It's Kiwicon week! We've got one lineup change to announce; Leigh Honeywell can't make it over from Microsoft-land, but we've got quite the replacement. David Litchfield joins us to talk database forensics, which it's fair to say he knows a thing or two about. 

High rollers have paid their luxury fat cash, the Kiwicon 7 badges are being assembled, and the speakers are perhaps finally beginning to commence their slide decks... 'cause KIWICON!

Be sure to check over the Kiwicon schedule, and if you're in town Friday afternoon, pick up your tickets and merch early. Things get a bit hectic here in Kiwicon Crue town as the con approaches, so the Kiwicon twitter feed is the best bet for up to the minute info about what we're eating for lunch (paid for, no doubt, by your tickets, ha ha!) 

Well, We Sold Out

Posted Oct. 16, 2013 9:33 a.m.

Yes, it happened. Kiwicon 7 is sold out. All tickets gone, three weeks out. Don't say we didn't warn you this was gonna happen.

Thanks for all your support - our holiday home in the Cook Islands needs a new boat wharf like whoa.

Merchandise sales are still available; cut off date for these is Fri 25th Oct.

See you at the 'con!

Training, and almost sold out!

Posted Oct. 14, 2013 12:35 p.m.

This year we're doing, for the first time, for-pay training in the couple of days before Kiwicon. But, with a Kiwicon twist - all the trainers are running the same (or similar) content for pay on Thusrday and for free on Friday. So, if you're learning stuff you get paid to do, we think it'd be swell if you paid your way, which then helps those who are still getting there too. Selling out, Kiwicon style. 

Check out the training page for more info, and signup with this form here.

Tickets are nearly sold out; less than 50 tickets remain, so don't dilly your dally. 

The CFP closes tonight, so last chance to submit for that too, and we'll announce the final schedule and speakers tonight! Woo! Kiwicon, shit yeah.